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Modern methods of construction

Using new technologies to build homes more quickly and efficiently

Timber frame is a modern method of construction that offers an important high-quality solution to the many housing and construction challenges facing the UK.

As one of the leading modern methods of construction, timber frame has grown consistently year on year. It’s regarded as a means of achieving higher quality, reducing time spent on-site, increasing safety and overcoming skills shortages in the industry, and will play a vital role in the creation of 200,000 homes in sustainable communities by 2016.

Building for the future

Construction through the 20th Century focused on brick, block, concrete and plaster all of which were reliant on aggregates and water. Replenshiable components were not recognized. Ever decreasing build times and more volatile weather conditions forced sites into more labour and plant resources, constantly increasing the carbon footprint.

It is now time for change;

  • Use more effective materials
  • Reduce waste
  • Speed up housing creation
  • Maintain high standards of traditional design quality
  • Lower resource consumption
  • Embrace the ‘Egan agenda’
Flexible design to meet every challenge


There is a timber frame system to suit every modern method of construction category, including open panel, closed panel, volumetric, hybrid systems and SIPs.

Fast and precise

With developments in integrated computer design, engineering and manufacturing systems, the frame of the building is produced quickly and accurately within the controlled environment of a modern factory.


Timber frame is a modern method of construction which gives you efficiency savings at every step. With a fixed priced and timelines, it eradicates the possibility of ever increasing sub-contractor costs.


Technology enables architects and manufacturers to stay in touch throughout the design process. This online dialogue throughout the early modern method of construction stages means potential problems are dealt with before they arise on-site.

The fact that large chunks of the building are created off-site means that your schedule is also less vulnerable to external influences like bad weather, helping you to keep every project bang on schedule.

Environmentally friendly

Wood is the only renewable commercial building material and as a modern method of construction is effectively carbon neutral.

When you use timber frame you’re actively helping to reduce the effects of global warming. Further enhanced by its low embodied energy and excellent insulation properties, it means happy customers with lower heating bills and a brighter future for the planet.

Low risk, marketable and saleable

Timber frame is a trusted modern method of construction among mortgage lenders too, satisfying all of their concerns about asset value and saleability.

Contact us to find out more about how timber frame could be the modern method of construction for you